Educators' Convention Speakers

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Rev. Delbert Hooge
Executive Director
Rev. Hooge, Executive Director of School of Tomorrow®, Philippines, and his wife, Lora, grew up as children of missionary families in the Philippines. He was taken to the Philippines in 1948 by his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Frank Hooge. He fi nished his Junior High at Faith Academy in Manila but completed his High School at Phoenix Christian High School in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1962 both he and Lora enrolled at the Baptist Bible College in Springfi eld, Missouri and soon it became evident that the Lord was directing their lives together. In February 1967 they were approved as missionaries of the Baptist Bible Fellowship and were in the Philippines by December of that same year. They started Cavite Bible Baptist Academy in 1978 using the Accelerated Christian Education® (A.C.E.®) program – giving birth to what is now School of Tomorrow®, Philippines. He is also the president of BLESS®, Inc
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Lora Lee, as she was known growing up, is the daughter of the late Rev. L.D. Woosley, of Bethany Baptist Church, Makati. In 1954 the Woosleys came to the Philippines as missionaries. Mrs. Hooge finished her High School at the American School in Manila and went on to study at the Baptist Bible College in Springfi eld, Missouri. In 1967 she returned to the Philippines as a missionary with her husband, Rev. Delbert Hooge. Desiring a good Christian education for their three children, she first home schooled them using the S.O.T.®/A.C.E.® program. Soon parents began to ask if their children could have the same education. Mrs. Hooge presently serves as the Founder/System Consultant of Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow, the model school in the Philippines for School of Tomorrow®, Philippines and Technical Assistant for School of Tomorrow®, Philippines. She is the Director of Learning for LEAP (Learning Enhancement for Asia Pacific), a lab for struggling students.
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Mr. George Olson
Mr. George Olson was born, raised, and educated in Oregon, U.S.A. He had been an Educator for over 50 years and associated with schools using the School of Tomorrow® Curriculum since 1975 including schools in California, Florida, Russia, and Korea.

He serves as School of Tomorrow® Global Advancement International School Specialist, Global Trainer and/or Conference Speaker in Russia, Korea, Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Thailand, Malaysia, Honduras, and U.S.

Mr. Olson currently serves as Ministry Representative for School of Tomorrow, Asia and is married to Mrs. Penny Olson, Director of SOTA and they have one sixteen year old son, Andrew.
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Mrs. Penny Olson
As a child, Penny Olson was raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, by Godly parents. She graduated from a school in Canada using the A.C.E.®/School of Tomorrow® Curriculum. Then she fulfi lled roles with the A.C.E.®/School of Tomorrow® Program as a Student Monitor, Monitor, Supervisor, Principal, Assistant Administrator, and Administrator of schools in Canada, U.S.A. and abroad.

She then held positions of Vice President of School of Tomorrow Russia, Educational Advisor to School of Tomorrow Honduras, Administrator of the International School of Tomorrow Russia, Director of School Services and Training School of Tomorrow Korea. Also she has served as International School Specialist for A.C.E.® Global Advancement with her husband George Olson. They have one son, Andrew.

Mrs. Olson currently serves at the forefront of courageous Christian education developments in South East. Asia, China and India with Global Advancement as Director of School of Tomorrow Asia, servicing 23 countries with ten in country Consultants. She speaks at Educators’ Conventions worldwide and conducts School of Tomorrow Administrators’ and Supervisors’ Training.

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