March 4, 2020

We have posted the deadlines for 2020 ISC as announced by the international office. God willing, delegates from many countries will gather for the first ever convention to held in our part of the world – Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The COVID-19 remains a threat, and while we are praying that all will go well in the coming months, we would like to advise everyone to be wise as we continue to make preparations for the ISC. We recommend that you do the following travel arrangements:

1. Book airline tickets through travel agencies who could help in the extension of deadlines for payments. We understand that prices go up the closer to the travel date but this will be a wise move. Online booking, especially discounted rates, are usually non-refundable.

2. Book hotels with cancellation options before your arrival date. This is usually stated in online platforms (, agoda,, etc.) before you book rooms.

3. Purchase travel insurance which covers flight and hotel cancellations.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ruby Paño (8822-9663 local 116), who will connect you with a travel agency.

Praying for the best. Blessings.

This year’s ISC will be held for the first time outside of the United States. General events will take place at the Convention Center, while athletic events will take place only 2.2 miles (3.6 km) away at the 700-Year Sports Stadium and arenas.

Since ISC is taking place at a convention center,housing will not be offered on location. Rather, accommodations will be the responsibility of the individual or the school. This affords attendees the opportunity to stay at any hotel of their choice, according to their preferences. Most hotels include breakfast with the cost of the room.

Food will be on site, through different vendors. Each participant will pay for individual meals and will have a wide variety of cuisine and prices from which to choose.

There are a few options for transportation, accommodating the individual as well as the larger groups.

The Convention Fee does not include housing, meals, or transportation. Check the ISC website for more information as we get closer to ISC.


ISC 2020 Registration Procedures:

1. Enter the registration program
( and click on “New User.”

2. If the school does not have a US Customer Number, they must enter any 8 random numbers and hit enter.

3. A message will appear asking if they are an A.C.E. United States customer, to which they would select “No.”

4. They will then be assigned a Customer No. that will ONLY function within the registration program (does not communicate with our ordering system). They should write down this number and keep it handy for future reference.

5. They must then fill out all the required information of the school before moving forward. This is highly recommended, as the program will pull this information when filling out any of the forms (anything from the CF Registration forms to the Judges’ Forms).

6. They can then have full access to the registration program, where they should first create their database of students, guests, and sponsors (include all of their information for the same reason above), and then register for ISC and add students, guests, and sponsors that will be attending.

While registration will be done between the school and ACE International, the following MUST also be done for coordination purposes:

Submit a complete list of your school delegation to SOT Philippines with the following information:

• Name of Students and their winning events at NSC (including rank).
• Name of the Sponsor/s accompanying the students (1 for every 8 of the same sex)
• Names of guests (non-participant)
• We will be issuing a Certification of Participation, which you will need in order to apply for the Permit needed for minors traveling without the company of their parents. This may also help facilitate your immigration exit from NAIA as well as your entry to Thailand.

Please submit this list to SOTP as soon as possible.

No definite deadline for registration has yet been set. However, early entries deadline is April 6. Therefore, it is vital to have registered before this date so the school can receive the needed link for submission.

For coordination purposes, please submit your list of delegates to SOTP as soon as possible. In this way, we can assist you in going about your registration and, if needed, assist you in your travel plans.

ISC Fees:

Registration Fee - $30 nonrefundable per sponsor, contestant, and guest (Guests 6 years old and up should register)

Participation Fee - $149 each for students and sponsors

$179 Total

School Fees are waived for the ISC 2020 only.

All payments are required prior to arrival(No on-site registration and payment). Only those registered are permitted in the convention facility, starting Sunday, May 24. Payments should be made online only by credit card. (Charged in dollars)
You will receive instructions following registration for electronically submitting ALL early entries. Mailed entries will no longer be accepted for ISC.

Remember: Unless you have registered, you will not receive the link for your school for electronic submission of early entries.

The Convention Center is not equipped to receive packages for events. One option is to make arrangements with the hotel where you will be staying. Keep in mind that you and the shipper are solely responsible for your shipped items. Be certain your shipper includes a tracking number.

Yes. While participation in some events at ISC requires receiving a medal at NSC (1st to 6th Place), students attending a school or homeschool using the A.C.E. curriculum can come to ISC to compete in open events or attend as a guest.

For group events, other qualified students can alternate for those who cannot join. “Qualified” means a student must have placed in the top 6 of any other event. Those who did not go to NSC cannot alternate. (They can only join open events.)

NO. Unlike in previous ISCs, ACE will NOT provide food and lodging.

All schools are responsible for obtaining their own accommodations and transportation to and from convention venues. A.C.E. will offer transportation from the Convention Center to the 700-Year Sport Stadium for sports competition.

SOTP will NOT organize a Group Travel to Chiang Mai. Each school or home school family will have to make all flight arrangements for themselves. However, those who need assistance in booking flights may contact School Services for referral to a travel agency.

In case of a student traveling alone, please coordinate with SOTP so arrangements can be made with the Philippine Delegation Coordinator.

It would depend on the airlines and accommodation arrangements each school makes.

Yes. A Philippine “Jacket and T-Shirts package” will be made available to Philippine delegates to serve as the national uniform at ISC.

For any question or further clarifications, please contact:

Mrs. Ruby Paño – School Services
Phone: (+632) 8822-9663 local 116