About School of Tomorrow

Since 1970, Accelerated Christian Education has published the individualized School of Tomorrow curriculum and provided training in its implementation for Grades K-12. Students are tested diagnostically upon entering schools or home schools using the program. Students are then placed in the curriculum in each subject at their own performance levels determined by the results of the diagnostic tests.

The unique format of the curriculum allows students to advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. Students move independently through the curriculum under the supervision of instructors who provide tutoring at the optimum moment of learning.

School of Tomorrow is more than quality academics. The curriculum is built on a theistic philosophic foundation. Students learn to see life from God's point of view. Their personal relationship with God and their personal responsibilities to family, church, and community are of primary concern.

Each year, School of Tomorrow hosts exciting national and international conferences, seminars, and conventions for educators, parents and students. These events provide opportunities for practical application, leadership, and training.

An Educational Strategy Based on Tradition

In the late 1960s, Donald R. Howard, Ph.D. and his wife Esther, founders of ACE - School of Tomorrow, were troubled that many students were not performing at their grade level. Observing the same situation with their own children, they began questioning the structure of the conventional educational system.

They designed a program geared to meet the learning needs of individual children. Through the development of self-instructional, individually prescribed, continuous progress material, the School of Tomorrow program came into being. It was destined to revolutionize education worldwide. Today Mrs. Howard and more than 300 employees provide curriculum for an international network of nearly 7,000 schools in over a hundred twenty countries.*

Basic Laws of Learning

The School of Tomorrow educational concept is built on five laws of learning...

Students must be at individual levels where they can perform.
Reasonable goals must be set.
Students must be controlled and motivated.
Learning must be measurable.
Learning must be rewarded.

Working from these principles, this curriculum assures parents of:

A solid, back-to-basics education for their children
A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a child's specific needs and learning capabilities
A program incorporating character-building and wisdom principles
A curriculum using advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today's high-tech climate
Access to the latest computer video interactive technology *

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