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The sole purpose of School of Tomorrow®, Philippines is to help parents and educators develop the next generation of leaders in this country with a biblical perspective of life.

The friendly staff of the School of Tomorrow® organization are totally committed to the program. So, with every phone call, inquirers are guided into the aspect of the program that is best for them.

Trunkline : (+632) 822-9663
Orders :
Telephone: (+632) 822-9663 Local 104
Fax : (+632) 822-9663 Local 137
Mail : School of Tomorrow®, Philippines
MJS Ave., Levitown Executive Village
Brgy. Don Bosco, Parañaque City

General information

Mrs. Rowena Kakilala
Local 106

Living Heritage Academy
(Home School)
Mrs. Remia Camacho

Locals 125 to 130
School Services
Mr. Cesar de Ocampo

Locals 114
TRAINING AND Development
Mr. Cesar de Ocampo

Locals 122
Mrs. Rowena Kakilala

Local 111
Mr. Lyndon Arnoco

Locals 118 to 121
Property and Facility
Gerson Rivera

Local 133
Mr. Tammy Mutya

Locals 123 and 146
IT Department

Mr. Jay Pelayo

Local 101 and 103

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