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Today we live in perilous times. All around us we are witnessing the destruction of lives, homes, societies and even cultures. We can ask, “What is happening that would cause the collapse of these social entities?” And the answer is clear:   “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psa. 11:3
What we are seeing in the collapse of our world is the product of the lack of foundations in the lives of young people of a generation ago. We are suffering from weakened foundations set 25 – 30 years ago. The problems of today stem from deficiencies of times past.
Much like the buildings that collapsed in Manila and even sank in Dagupan City when the earthquakes came, the weight of life is not being supported properly when life’s circumstances loosen the binding power of weak foundations.
Note some truths about foundations:
1.       Foundations are seldom seen, but are absolutely vital.
No building can stand without foundations for long when the pressures come, the earth shakes or winds blow. And all of these things come into the lives of each person. It is important that each parent and educator evaluate the foundations which are being built in the lives of our children, the fabric of the next generation.
We have foundations of education, art, philosophy and relationships, but these will all fail when the pressure -laden times come.

2.       Foundations are designed for specific future building and expansion.
Unless pre-designed and built, there is great cost in a “repair job” later on. Certain architects and engineers specialize on just foundations. This is a vital aspect and cannot be taken for granted. The entire project must be known BEFORE the foundation design is accomplished. It doesn’t go the other way. Yet in the development of foundations for life, we wait till most of the basics are in place before we consider the foundations of life for our children.

3.       The taller or larger the building, the stronger the foundation must be.
What kind of impact are you considering for your children? I am not asking what profession they are going into. I am asking WHAT IMPACT will their life have on their generation yet to come? Is there any way a parent or educator can estimate this or properly prepare their children/students?

4.       The designer of the foundation must understand hidden situations and faults.
Millions of dollars have been spent to correct the poor foundations of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is because the ground under the construction was not evaluated and later found out to be nothing but mud. As the weight of the building grew, floor by floor, the ground could not support its weight.
Without a true understanding of the heart condition of children, we will never be able to determine the foundation needed. Today educators without a knowledge of the heart of man can only build UP and often the weight cannot be carried by the weak foundation.

5.       The best foundations are built on bedrock!
I remember digging the foundation of the church building my father built in Sta Mesa. There was great joy when we discovered that under the top soil was adobe. We were sure that the building would stand. It remains standing today 50 years after it was built.  When we dug the foundation for our warehouse here at SOTP, we went down till we found bedrock!  It would hold the weight of the tons of curriculum that would be in the building.
I am glad to say that we in Christian education do NOT HAVE TO KNOW what storms will come in the lives of our students when they leave us. If we give the right foundation they will be able to stand. Like the wise man who built his house on the rock in Matt. 7:24-27, their lives will stand. Why?  Because they are on the rock……I Cor. 10:4 “and that Rock was Christ.”

          Let us realize that it is not OUR future that is at stake. It is the lives of future generations that are at risk. Join with me in realizing that in this - our 30th year - we can look to a heritage of building a firm foundation for all those who have completed their training in School of  Tomorrow because it is On Christ the SOLID ROCK that we stand, all other hope is sinking sand.

Yours for strong foundations for future lives,

Executive Director
School of Tomorrow, Philippines

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