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Araling Panlipunan 2006 Edition
AP 1001 – 1072
Now Available!!!

You need to use the Transition Table if you are switching from the old HEKASI/SIBIKA PACEs (1998 Edition) to the new edition because the old edition is only 8 PACEs per level where the new edition is following the 12 PACEs per level course.

Visayas Studies: VS01 – VS06
At last we have our first of the 3 Islands’ History.  We now have this course ready for order with the score keys.  See the Visayas Studies scope and sequence, Product profile and guide.

Please stay in touch as we release the Luzon and Mindanao Studies later on.

Center for Educational Measurements

Last Educators’ Convention, we emphasized the importance of Achievement and Aptitude test in School of Tomorrow System.  And since many schools cannot afford to administer the California Achievement Test (CAT) or Stanford 10 (see ACE Ministries International for information for these tests), we highly recommend the use of local tests produced and primed for Filipino students.  If you find other local tests available nationally please inform us so that we can share them with others. 

Right now, Center for Educational Measurements, Inc. is the only testing center we know of that has national offices to serve Filipino in different islands.  Read what Dr. Lenore de la Llana-Decenteo has to say about their institution:

“Center for Educational Measurements, Inc. (CEM) an independent, non-stock, non-profit organization established in 1978, continues to promote the role of educational testing and research in improving the quality of education at the institutional and system level.

“CEM believes that assessment, as a process and technology, must always lead to the creation of knowledge that will inform instruction, and thus enhance student learning.

“Our experience in educational assessment is extensive.  We have developed tools for measuring and assessing:

  • Student-based characteristics
  • Student aptitudes
  • Academic achievement
  • Admission preparedness
  • Career choices and interests
  • Competencies in various subject areas from elementary and high school to college.
  • Competencies for professional education

    “CEM tests are standardized and are designed specifically for Filipino students.  We have established norms on which to anchor performance outcomes on these tests.  And we have designed intervention programs that are adapted to a school’s needs for improvement.

    “CEM’s expertise is affirmed in the government and non-government projects in test development and research that it has been commissioned to do.  It continues to further its mission through partnerships with institutions charged with setting and meeting standards or excellence in education.

    “We have been privileged to help schools advance the quality of the teaching-learning process through assessment and research.  We hope that you, too, will consider us your partner in education.”

    Dr. Lenore de la Llana-Decenteo, PhD, CEM president

    We encourage all schools to use these test to assess and guide their students.  It has been said that “an once of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”  The earlier we see academic and character problems the better we are equipped to remedy issues and skillfully lead our students to a life where God can use them.

    If you need more information about CEM Tests you can call or write them at CEM Central Office
    24/F Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower  2210 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City  Tel. (02) 894-5536, (02) 813-3694, (02) 813-3695, Fax (02) 894-1392.  They also have different offices around the nation to assist you with your needs. 


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